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Viridian scoops environmental endorsement

by Rachel Symonds
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Viridian Nutrition has been endorsed in a recent audit for its commitment to positive environmental practices.

Conducted by sustainability experts, Greenleaf TDG, the comprehensive environmental audit examines various aspects of an organisation, including emissions from materials usage, suppliers to creating digital and distribution footprints to provide an overall environmental business footprint.

In awarding the certification, Greenleaf TDG has recognised Viridian for its ‘outstanding achievement’ of being 93 per cent plastic-free throughout its entire operations. Additionally, Greenleaf TDG highlighted the company for taking ‘significant strides’ by transitioning to LED lighting fixtures and enhancing site insulation to bolster energy efficiency.

Among the environmental practices to lower its carbon footprint, Viridian scored highly in the report for the following areas for using: 100 per cent renewable energy provider, 100 per cent LED lighting, 100 per cent hybrid company vehicles, 97 per cent of suppliers being UK-based and 93 per cent plastic free in its entire operations.

Director of Greenleaf TDG, Steve Bullen, commented: “The evidence is clear. Viridian have invested in the reduction of their environmental impact. Being virtually plastic free, as well as using materials that can easily be recycled, brings real value to their customers before the product is considered. The value this brings before and after the customer uses the product is exactly the kind of attention to detail businesses need to consider in the modern context.

“We’re really excited about the future for Viridian, their existing infrastructure, combined with the leadership team’s appetite for sustainability, leaves them well placed to lead the way in the industry – if they aren’t already – when it comes to decarbonisation and environmental respect.”

Holly Thallon Steenson, Viridian Co-owner, added: “Viridian has been adopting an ‘earth-first’ approach from the very start, because nature gives us so much back to supporting our health. In fact, we believe the health of the planet is inextricably linked to the health of the individual. That means taking responsibility for our actions and reviewing our resources to tackle climate change. Greenleaf certification allows us to consider how we can continue a greener and efficient way of working, by giving us a foundation to create a roadmap to offset our carbon footprint even further.”

In other news, Viridian’s Organic Repair 5 Serum has scored highly in a user trial, which found that 98 per cent of people who used the serum reported significant improvements in the appearance of their skin. There was also nearly a 50 per cent reduction across nine visible skin symptoms including skin redness and dryness.

Participants were asked to apply the serum to affected areas of their skin twice daily, for eight weeks and to record their experience. They were also asked to take before after photos. Those who completed the study stated they found a noticeable and positive difference to their skin when using Repair 5 Serum, and the product exceeded their expectations in terms of what they had hoped it would achieve.

Viridian Head Nutritionist, Aimée Benbow, commented: “The positive result from this series of case studies shows that by adding Viridian Repair 5 Serum, a natural and organic serum with well researched botanical oils, to your skincare regimen, it can be incredibly beneficial to improving the appearance of skin. Furthermore, the Repair 5 Serum is free of synthetic fragrances, colours, and other chemicals to minimise aggravating skin further.”

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