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Data reveals three quarters of Brits treat ailments at home

by Rachel Symonds
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New research has revealed almost three-quarters of Brits opt to treat ailments at home rather than seeing a doctor.

The data found 71 per cent now treat minor ailments at home rather than visit their GP or pharmacist. The Covid-19 pandemic has been the biggest instigator of this as Government and NHS messaging promoted the importance of self-care. Additionally, the pandemic meant the public placed higher importance in looking after their own, and other people’s, health.

The research, commissioned by Lanes Health, also found 70 per cent of people claim that, since the pandemic, they do their best to prevent the spread of common illnesses.

Martin Last, Director General at the Health Food Manufacturers’ Association, commented: “Throughout the past few years, healthcare has been at the forefront of the public’s minds. This lasting effect has brought many new health habits into people’s day to day life and individuals now have a heightened awareness of what they’re consuming, not just in medicinal products but in health foods as well. Therefore, the labelling of these products is of the utmost importance so consumers can clearly see the ingredients of what they’re consuming. And health foods who are able to make extra health benefits and that contain natural ingredients, can take real advantage of this new consumer health trend.”

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