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Start-up develops new range of daily sachet supplements

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A new start-up has developed a new range of supplements delivered in a daily sachet form.

V.good is the brainchild of Sian Quantrill and Max Aceto, who became tired of navigating the vitamin industry’s minefield of competing claims and huge choice, not to mention grappling with multiple plastic bottles each morning.

V.good presents the true essentials in a handy daily sachet, comprising five easy-to-swallow capsules and softgels to help busy people maintain a strong, healthy and balanced immune system.

Inside is Multivitamin and Mineral with Turmeric, Live cultures with FOS (probiotics and prebiotics), Vitamin C with Zinc, Vitamin D with Coconut Oil and Omega 3,

Sian explained: “If you’re keen to support your health and want more than your bog-standard multivitamin, opening and closing multiple bottles before you rush out the door, or counting out your pills each time you go away is a pain. We want to change that. We want to make taking vitamins a more enjoyable part of your daily routine: easy, simple, clear and on-the-go.”

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