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BetterYou announces its new environmental commitment

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Better Planet Project is the new enterprise announced by BetterYou in a bid to reduce its environmental footprint and reliance on non-sustainable resources.

The natural health brand announced that it has invested more than £700,000 in the project and devoted over 18 months to research and planning. The first initiative within the project sees packaging across its entire commercial range switch to either plant-based, carbon negative plastic or plastic made from 100 per cent recycled materials, making it one of the first companies globally to utilise 100 per cent recycled, ocean-recovered and consumer kerbside plastic (recycled waste from households across the UK and Europe) packaging for an entire product range.

Made up of 70 per cent Ocean Waste Plastic and 30 per cent Post-Consumer Recycling (PCR), these recycled and 100 per cent recyclable plastic bottles will house BetterYou’s range of intra-oral vitamin sprays.

Furthermore, the Better Planet Project also sees the brand utilise plant-based plastic, with sugarcane used as an ethanol source rather than fossil fuels. Accredited by the Carbon Trust, this innovative plastic production is carbon negative and significantly better for the environment. The brand’s transdermal products will predominantly be contained in this 100 per cent green polyethylene (PE) plastic, which is also 100 per cent recyclable.

Championing completion of the full ‘plastic life cycle’, BetterYou has ensured its updated packaging will give consumers clear instructions on how to recycle each product, along with a dedicated section on the website for further information.

Beyond its plastic packaging initiatives, the Better Planet Project will see the brand focus on targeting all aspects of its environmental footprint, including the enterprises of suppliers and retail partners. This includes an avoidance of pesticides and harmful chemicals on its partner farms, as well as ensuring environmentally sensitive transport of produce. All BetterYou paper and card is produced from sustainable UK forest sources and proudly sports the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mark.

Andrew Thomas, founder and Managing Director of BetterYou, commented: “Plastic pollution is not simply an inevitable and unavoidable result of growing commercial demand. The problem is not plastic itself, it’s our mistaken belief that it has no further value once we have consumed it. This has led us to explore not only ways to utilise plastic waste and reduce the amount of single-use plastic in the industry, but also to ensure we’re educating ourselves and our customers in the importance of recycling packaging once they have finished our products.

“As a brand whose use of plastic is fundamental, the packaging life cycle is something we’re incredibly passionate about and we hope that our actions will become a catalyst for change.”

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