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New campaign will drive footfall to health stores

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Viridian Nutrition details the exciting launch of the first ever Indy Health Week, taking place between October 23-31.

The first ever Indy Health Week is taking place from October 23-31 to celebrate independent health stores and inspire more consumers to tap into their local resource.

Ethical vitamin company, Viridian Nutrition, is launching the national drive, which shines a light on the value that independent health food stores bring to community healthcare.

A vital resource
Health stores are an absolutely essential resource. Research increasingly reveals that many chronic health conditions can be improved or even avoided through simple lifestyle adjustments, such as diet, exercise and sleep.

Health stores have long championed the importance of self-care in body and mind, the abundance of pure, health-giving ingredients that our planet provides – and the need to work in harmony with nature.

Cheryl Thallon, Viridian MD and founder, commented: “After the last 18 months and the increased focus on health, the campaign will raise awareness of how health stores can support the work of the NHS and help people with prevention through diet, exercise, sleep and lifestyle interventions that can make a proactive difference.

“Shockingly, data shows that many people use Google to learn about their health and they go online to research conditions affecting them. This information can be incorrect and unreliable so Indy Health Week will promote independent health food stores and the expertise they can offer.

“Additionally, with lower footfall being seen on the high street, this campaign sets out to encourage more people back to their local high street. According to the British Retail Consortium, footfall on the high street was down nearly a quarter in August compared to 2019 so running this campaign is a way for Viridian to help our wonderful retailers, who continually work so hard and make a difference to their communities.”

Significant investment
This national campaign to drive awareness and footfall to stores starts at the end of September, building excitement right through to Indy Health Week itself at the end of October. Additionally, the campaign will have celebrity backing to draw further attention, particularly through social channels. The famous name will be announced shortly.

To drive footfall, consumers will be encouraged to download a voucher from the bespoke website, indyhealthweek.com, and visit their local independent health food store to get a free Foundations of Nutrition sample pack, worth over £20. The sample packs will be sent out to all qualifying stores with more information in mid-October.

This is a unique and exciting campaign with more than £250,000 being invested.

Cheryl added: “With a large investment, huge awareness and celebrity backing, this campaign is set to make a major impact. We want all health stores to get involved and benefit from the exposure.”

Stores can get involved by utilising the impactful and informative point of sale in windows and on shelf, as well as social media graphics. Available to order from Viridian, retailers should contact their Territory Manager or the office for more details: marketing@viridian-nutrition.com

Each free Foundations of Nutrition pack, worth over £20, contains a one-week supply of:

■ Multivitamins.
■ Friendly bacteria.
■ Omega oil.
Plus, a copy of The Foundations of Nutrition book, written by Jenny Carson MRes, BSc Hons, MBANT and covers:
■ Why food is becoming less nutritious.
■ The impact of the Western diet.
■ Why gut health matters.
■ The impact of medication on diet.
■ What vitamins and minerals you need.
■ Where to go for personalised support.

To drive footfall for Indy Health Week, consumers are being encouraged to visit independent health stores and present a voucher for a Foundations of Nutrition pack. Supplied by Viridian, the pack contains the ideal base nutrients to support a healthy diet and, in particular, to cover gaps found in the Western diet. Author, Jenny Carson, a qualified nutritionist and Viridian’s Technical Services Manager, also explains in the book the importance of diet and advice on how to eat for abundant health.
Every qualifying Viridian stockist will receive some free packs in mid-October with more information.

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