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Coalition focused on growing project to educate schools on organic

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The Soil Association has teamed up with Pukka Herbs for an intergenerational growing project designed to bring the values of organic to schools

The Soil Association’s Food for Life programme and Pukka Herbs are working together to encourage children to get outdoors and help them learn food growing skills as part of a new campaign to promote intergenerational links, food education and environmental knowledge.

The Know Your Roots campaign marks Grandparent Gardening Week and will see nursery and primary school pupils learning from nature by growing their own herbs alongside their parents and grandparents.

Know Your Roots brings the values of organic growing to schoolchildren in the UK to connect the next generation with food provenance and overall health. This is in light of new research from the University of the West of England, which has found that pupils who grow their own veg in school are more likely to increase their fruit and veg intake, become more aware of the links between food growing and the environment, and have better attention and attainment levels in school.

The campaign is the result of Pukka’s commitment to 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses and not-for-profits, working together for a happier, healthier planet.

James Cashmore, Director of
Food for Life, explained: “Learning from nature starts with something as simple as growing your own herbs, and we are delighted to be working with Pukka to create opportunities for children to experience the joys and benefits of growing, and for older people to pass on skills that will help ensure knowledge is passed down and resurrected in our future generations.

“Intergenerational learning is a great way of breaking down barriers and builds understanding between the old and young. The exchange of ideas benefits all, through learning from the past and looking to the future.”

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