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Rebrand unveiled for the Vegetarian Society

by Rachel Symonds
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The Vegetarian Society has announced a bold evolution of its brand.

In collaboration with Manchester-based Instruct Studio, the charity has embraced a contemporary feel while preserving its rich heritage as the world’s oldest vegetarian and vegan campaigning organisation.

Campaigning has always been at the heart of the Vegetarian Society, and now, with an expanded vision, the organisation continues to build a compassionate community driven by a collective desire for a kinder, healthier, and more sustainable future for every life on earth. This transformation will be most evident in the society’s communication strategy, featuring punchier, more direct messaging and impactful calls to action.

Richard McIlwain, Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society, advised: “It’s with the future in mind that we’ve decided to evolve our brand, in line with a Society that wants to be far more outwardly focused on creating real change – for the rights of animals, for the sake of our own health, and of course for the future of the environment on which we all depend. While our traditional ‘V’ symbol has evolved to reflect a more confident and assertive organisation, we’ve been mindful not to lose sight of our heritage. After all, no one else can claim more than 175 years of campaigning on vegetarian issues.”

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