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Planet Organic expands with national delivery

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The health and wellbeing retailer, Planet Organic, has announced a new nationwide delivery service.

The chain has confirmed it has introduced nationwide delivery for all its products, including hundreds of unique and exclusive goods only Planet Organic stocks.

Although the organic supermarket chain of 11 London stores has long offered online shopping, it is the first time the range has become available for delivery nationwide.

Planet Organic’s CEO, Peter Marsh, commented: “Our customers outside London frequently ask for nationwide delivery on our fresh food and drink range, from kombucha to organic fruit and veg. And now, in making all items available for delivery, we bring our differentiated offer to the whole of the UK.

“We’ve invested heavily in digital, digital marketing and fulfilment logistics, as well as in the packaging solutions and the recycling systems put in place around them.”

Planet Organic delivery uses a combination of Forestry Commission certified card, recycled papers, compostable bio plastics and wool insulation materials, all of which can be recycled domestically or collected by the retailer for reuse.

Crucially, there’s no need for refrigerated vans. For its new nationwide chilled product packaging, Planet Organic is introducing sheep’s wool insulation liners and pouches, along with water-filled ice packs, all made by Woolcool, reusable and ultimately recyclable through systems put in place to make it easy for customers.

Planet Organic will reuse and recycle wool liners and ice packs, so have set up a customer returns scheme to encourage this.

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