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New Viridian campaign aims to drive footfall to independents

by Rachel Symonds
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Viridian Nutrition has launched its biggest campaign to help drive footfall into independent stores.

No Junk is described as a hard-hitting initiative to highlight the dangers and protect people’s health from the impacts of a junk filled diet and additive laden supplements. The initiative will drive consumers to specialist health retailers.

The campaign, running throughout February, March and April, encompasses widespread major advertising, a public awareness initiative with large scale media coverage and a published white paper commissioned by Viridian, the Viridian Dejunk Your Life Report 2024. The report is written by an independent journalist and brings together 10 experts to expose the extent of ultra processed foods (UPFs) and not so healthy supplements and the misunderstandings surrounding ingredients and manufacturing.

The extent of gaps in knowledge among consumers is revealed in the survey of 2,000 people; two thirds don’t know how to spot ultra processed foods or artificial ingredients in supplements, three-quarters think they consume less UPFs than they do and three in five can’t identify a UPF from its label. When asked about key additives, as many as seven in 10 don’t recognise unnecessary ingredients found in supplements or know if they are good or bad.

As part of the campaign, Viridian is investing in national advertising directing families to visit their local specialist health food store for further information and assistance. This will include advertising on London buses, London Underground, national buses, bus shelters, rail stations and billboards, national newspapers and magazines, podcasts, and online and social media advertising.

Furthermore, a range of bespoke No Junk store marketing materials will be available to support health retailers joining the campaign. Alongside this are specially designed No Junk T-shirts and badges and dedicated books and booklets.

Viridian founder and MD, Cheryl Thallon, commented: “It’s very worrying how much ultra processed food is being promoted and consumed and how vitamins containing additives like titanium dioxide, aspartame and carrageenan can call themselves healthy. I’m extremely concerned about the health of this generation and the next, and its impact on emergency health care and hospital waiting lists.

“That’s why, at Viridian, we’ve commissioned a body of research followed by a national campaign to encourage people to rethink their diet and lifestyle, read the labels and to dig deeper into their nutritional choices – in particular by heading to their local independent health store.”

Aimee Benbow, Technical Director at Viridian, added: “Titanium dioxide is a prime example of an excipient which is a commonly mined compound that gives tablets and capsules their uniform colour. It has been classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a possible carcinogen and in January 2022, the EU banned it as a food additive. However, in the UK, it is worryingly still found in medicines, supplements and many foodstuffs.

“At Viridian, we use exclusively 100 per cent active ingredients in our formulations. No ultra processed ingredients. Like Viridian, health stores mirror our passion and commitment to nourishing health and happiness. We believe health stores are the perfect partners for our No Junk campaign, as they offer diet and lifestyle advice, extensive product range and services to support wellness. I encourage as many stores as possible to get on board.”

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