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Independent sees benefits of skincare brand during visit to Nigeria

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The owners of popular health store, Natures Corner, experienced first-hand the benefits of an ethical skincare brand during a visit to Nigeria.

Naturally Tribal skincare range specialises in shea butter products, and Anita Hatch and Liz Chandler first came across the brand at Natural & Organic Products Europe in April 2018. After meeting with Managing Director, Shalom Lloyd, the range was taken on in store. But that wasn’t the end of the journey as they were then invited to Shalom’s native Nigeria.

Anita told Health Food Business: “We were delighted when we were invited to join the Naturally Tribal team on their visit and witness the inspiring work achieved by the partnership of Naturally Tribal and the community of Essan. After a long and treacherous five-hour journey from Abuja to the rural village, we were welcomed by the villagers and his Royal Highness, the King of Essan.

“The women have produced shea butter for centuries and they are proud of their lasting heritage. However, with very little funds and infrastructure, the shea butter is still produced by hand. Shalom and the team at Naturally Tribal are trying to improve sustainability by building a factory and a warehouse. This will enable the women to produce larger quantities of shea in a less laborious environment. They will be employed by Naturally Tribal, enabling the women to earn a regular income all year round. It was an overwhelming experience, and one we will never forget.”

Shalom Lloyd

Shalom Lloyd

Shalom herself has been the subject of high praise after receiving an international award.

Shalom was named a finalist in the International Woman of The Year category at the Baton Awards. Held at the Houses of Parliament, the inaugural Baton Awards celebrate inspiring and pioneering BAME (British English black, Asian and minority ethnic) women. Being up against Indra Nooyi, an Indian American business executive and Chairman of PepsiCo, and Malala Yousef Zai, activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate, Shalom didn’t think she would win.She was, in fact, in Nigeria with Liz and Anita when the awards took place.

“We were all having dinner in Abuja when my husband texted to tell me I had won and I can’t even begin to describe the feeling. It was the perfect end to an amazing trip, which made me feel proud, validated all the hard work and I was so happy that my husband, David, who is my rock, was there,” she explained.

“I never intended to start Naturally Tribal and all of this was just because one of my twins had severe eczema. I am a scientist and it was only natural for me not to want to continuously use steroids on my son. Naturally Tribal skincare’s belief is in ‘trade not aid’, the company collaborates with the women of Essan, by sourcing their ingredients from their community in an ethical and sustainable manner, providing the infrastructure needed to ensure quality and training through education and capability building to help them progress.”

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