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Higher Nature acquired by Tree owner

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It has been confirmed that Higher Nature has been acquired by the same company that owns Tree of Life.
Health Made Easy (HME) is a company of three shareholders, including John Weaver, who is CEO of Tree of Life, whose aim is to invest in the health category. In 2007, they invested in Petty Wood, which was sold two years ago, and seven years ago, they acquired Tree of Life.

It has been confirmed that HME acquired Higher Nature in December, but John told Health Food Business that the supplement company and Tree of Life will continue to be run as separate businesses.
“HME is effectively an umbrella group for investments in the health and wellbeing space. We have two now and we will continue to invest in further opportunities in the category,” he commented.
So, why was Higher Nature felt to be an attractive proposition?

“Higher Nature presented an excellent opportunity to take a brand that was innovative, highly ethical and clean. It was a great opportunity for us to utilise our knowledge and investment into this area,” John explained.

And the plans for the future?

“The plan is to invest and grow the brand. We only completed the deal at Christmas, so it is early days and we are still putting our plans in place. But we will be investing in the brand in order to grow it with our retailers. Its cornerstone is with independent retail, and we are going to be focusing on that,” he added.

“We also see substantial brand marketing expertise. We want to grow it as an independent business, and focus on the key benefits that we see, which are clean, pure and ethical. It is a brand with substantial nutritional knowledge too and we feel this has been a little undersold in the last few years so we want to take it back to what it was doing when it first started.”

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