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Goodness closes down

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It has been announced that after 35 years, Goodness Foods is closing.

The natural and organic wholesale and distribution business announced that its last day of orders would be July 18, with final deliveries for July 20.

On its website, the organisation said it was holding a close down sale, effective immediately.

Goodness Foods has sent a letter to customers, which confirmed the news that it will be ceasing trading “with a heavy heart”.

The letter continued: “As you may recall, late October last year, we took over the Goodness Foods wholesale business from

House of Goodness Ltd (HoG). HoG had run Goodness Foods for almost 35 years, starting as a health store, evolving into a leading wholesaler in the independent retail market. In April last year, HoG decided to stop with Goodness Foods, allowing us the opportunity to take over the business with as primary objectives to save as many jobs as possible and keep the established name of Goodness Foods going and revive its position as a frontrunner of all things good.

“There is never one reason why things don’t work out, but the sad fact of the matter is that it hasn’t, which leaves us with no other option than to cease trading. Our company simply has more costs than revenue and despite best efforts to revive the company, we haven’t been able to recover and rebuild Goodness Foods to where it needs to be. We want to thank you very much for your loyalty, your custom and above all your hard work to keep the independent food market going. Without you, the market would be a boring (and unhealthier) place!”

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