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Changing shopping trends reveal reasons people shop online

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New research has revealed that 7.6m people struggle to find items in a shop and that 17.8m say that waiting times could deter them from in-store shopping

That is according to a new poll from retail shopping app, Ubamarket, which also looked at e-commerce, with 71 per cent of online shoppers saying they are frustrated with their online supermarket experience.

Ubamarket says that its research reveals the pressure for retailers to adapt to the changing consumer climate in order to compete with their online competitors.

Will Broome, CEO and Founder of Ubamarket, commented: “The recent report highlights the necessity for retailers to advance their in-store offering. Ubamarket research has unveiled that over half of consumers prioritise convenience as the most important factor when shopping in physical stores. Retailers would do well to take this on board and amalgamating retail tech and human interaction is the best way forward.

“Technology can make the in-store experience more efficient and personalised, for example, by sending shoppers personalised and real-time offers, which helps enhance brand loyalty. However, retailers have a duty to find a balance in their responsibilities to their employees and consumers, therefore, retail should combine technology and human interaction to help their communities thrive.”

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