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Bira announces launch of podcast for independents

by Rachel Symonds
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The retail organisation, Bira, has launched a new podcast to support independent retailers.

High Street Matters is a new series designed to provide expert insights, trends and practical tips for thriving on the high street and is being run by the British Independent Retailers Association (Bira). Hosted by journalist, Steve Dyson, the podcast series will explore the crucial issues, consumer trends, legislation and operational strategies impacting independent retailers today.

Andrew Goodacre, CEO of Bira, explained: “Our goal with High Street Matters is to equip business owners with trusted insights and practical tips to help them stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving retail landscape. We’ll discuss everything from consumer behaviours to rates and staffing challenges – shining a spotlight on what truly matters for high street success.”

The podcast will feature conversations with Bira’s cross-section of retailer members, from single shops to small chains and large department stores across sectors like hospitality and leisure. Listeners will also hear directly from Bira’s independent retail experts, including Andrew and Commercial Director, Jeff Moody.

The premiere episode was released on Monday and tackles the escalating issue of retail crime. It dives into one trader’s first-hand experience being targeted by brazen thieves, as well as potential solutions like facial recognition security systems, with insights from guests like Liam Ardern of FaceWatch.

Steve added: “High Street Matters gives retailers an easily accessible forum to share perspectives and learn from one another’s successes, as well as challenges. We’re looking forward to creating some insightful discussions that uncover tactics for thriving in today’s competitive environment.”

Independent retailers across the UK can subscribe to the High Street Matters podcast through major streaming platforms. New episodes will be released throughout the year and feature issues including the sale of hazardous substances, the cycle to work scheme and many other themes relevant to retailers today.

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