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BetterYou launch new magnesium water

by Chantelle Holland
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A new range of magnesium waters has been launched by BetterYou as the company enters the functional drinks market.

BetterYou Magnesium Water is available in three varieties, Hydrate, Energy and Focus. The drinks contain a unique triple-blend of magnesium to maximise absorption in the body – magnesium citrate, magnesium bisglycinate and magnesium derived from Irish seawater, which provide 180mg (50 per cent of the government’s recommended daily intake) of elemental magnesium.

Each formulation has been expertly developed to support health and wellness:

  • Hydration: A refreshing blend of citrus and botanicals rapidly replaces essential magnesium, lost through exercise and daily stress.
  • Energy: An electric blend of pomegranate and rhubarb, unlocks the power of natural sustained oxygenated energy production.
  • Focus: An invigorating blend of blueberry and mint, enhances alertness and brain function.

The formulations are naturally low in sugar, low-calorie, don’t contain any artificial sweeteners, palm oil free, and come in an infinitely recyclable aluminium can.

Andy Thomas, CEO and Founder of BetterYou, said: “I’m incredibly proud of our latest product development, we’ve used our years of experience working with magnesium to bring to the market a truly unique range of drinks that provide a highly effective way to supplement this essential nutrient. I’m thrilled that we’ve managed to develop products that provide easy, accessible and great-tasting ways for people to increase their consumption of magnesium.”

BetterYou were the first brand in the world to bring transdermal magnesium (through the skin) to the market and now enter a new category with their first functional drink product.

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