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Better You announces major public awareness campaign

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A new vitamin D awareness campaign has been launched to highlight the need to supplement.

Despite a growing awareness of vitamin D as an essential nutrient, deficiency is still a common health problem in the UK. An estimated one in five adults and one in six children suffer from low levels. And so, focusing on oral sprays as a fast and effective way to supplement, the brand is championing a simple, yet impactful message; pill-free vitamin D.

Armed with the knowledge that the Department of Health recommends those ‘at-risk’ groups take a supplement all year round, BetterYou gathered a handful of real people – including its very own customers – for a photoshoot aiming to highlight the wide range of, and potentially surprising, groups that are vulnerable to low levels of the ‘sunshine vitamin’.

The Barnsley-based brand invited an infant under five-years-old, an expectant mother and someone over the age of 65, along with someone with darker skin, an adolescent, an office worker and someone following a plant-based diet to be a part of the creative awareness-building activity and to represent each ‘at-risk’ group for whom vitamin D deficiency is most prevalent.

Jen Julian, Marketing Director at BetterYou, explained: “Involving our loyal customers in this awareness campaign has been incredibly rewarding. While awareness surrounding the importance of vitamin D grows, deficiency remains a widespread issue, and new research suggests that as many as three in five UK adults could have suboptimal levels. This means initiatives, such as our photo-led campaign, are instrumental in providing education and guidance to the public, enabling them to optimise their health and wellbeing.”

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