Mooncup® wins ‘The Green Business Award’ and ‘The Best Place to Work’

This September, Brighton-born ethical business  Mooncup Ltd have won not just one, but two awards- ‘The Green Business Award’ and ‘The Best Place to Work’ – at the Brighton and Hove Business Awards 2017. The reusable menstrual cup company were thrilled to win the coveted titles at the sell-out event, designed to raise awareness and celebrate the ‘diversity and uniqueness of Brighton & Hove’.

Mooncup Ltd’s achievement hits the news in the same week that a national survey revealed Brighton & Hove to be the happiest city in the UK, giving Mooncup Ltd the impressive title of ‘Best Place to Work’ in the ‘Happiest City’.

In selecting ‘The Green Business Award’ winner, judges were looking for a “a business which is focused on supporting the green economy as well as helping the City, and in turn our Planet, to become more sustainable”. 

Due to Mooncup® users worldwide, the company have ensured that 1.7 billion fewer tampons and pads have ended up on our beaches or in landfill since 2002.

Meanwhile ‘The Best Place to Work’ award fanfares “excellence in providing an environment in which employees can develop their full potential, achieve outstanding success for their business and really thrive.”

As Katherine Clements, one of Mooncup Ltd’s proud Company Directors explains:

“The Mooncup® is health conscious, environmentally savvy, and taboo-busting: I can’t think of a more fitting winner to represent Brighton!  We’re so proud to get this recognition- especially among all the great businesses here.  It just goes to show that people are ready to open up and make new choices. And that employee-owned, conscious and progressive business is the way forward, too. There’s another way, and it’s a winner: Mooncup!”

The Mooncup menstrual cup as a product:

  • Just one of us will use 11,000 throwaway tampons and pads in a menstruating lifetime – often ending up in the sea or in landfill.
  • Over one weekend, the Marine Conservation Society found 17 used sanitary product items (applicators, backing strips, pads, tampons and wrappers) per km of British beach surveyed (Beachwatch 2013) .
  • Conventional cotton production (a main material in tampons and pads) accounts for 20% of the world’s pesticide use.
  • In a study performed in 2016, traces of chemicals and insecticides including glyphosates were found in 5 out of 11 disposable sanitary products tested. Mooncup is the healthier, environmentally-friendly alternative.

Mooncup Ltd as a Green Business. Some examples:

  • Manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards, the Mooncup is also Vegan Society approved.
  • All suppliers are selected following a rigorous process including ethical and quality criteria:
  • All Mooncup leaflets and usage guides are made with 100% recycled paper, pulp or fibres, printed with vegetable inks.
  • The box is FSC Certified and made from ECF pulp.
  • The storage pouch is manufactured in an accredited Fairtrade factory from unbleached, organic GOTS certified cotton.
  • From manufacturing to printers, key suppliers are environmental and ethical pioneers within their respective industries
  • Mooncup Ltd’s bankers and pension providers were selected on the basis of their ethical investment policies.
  • Waste reduction in-house including:  bulk buying kitchen supplies from a local natural products wholesaler, considered scrap paper use & choice of durable solutions wherever possible. In the last year, approximately 2050 litres of waste recycled via Magpie Recycling Cooperative, 450kg of our kitchen waste composted locally.

In the UK, Mooncup is available from good independent health food stores, Boots and .  It is also available in 50 countries worldwide.


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