BonPom re-launches their high quality organic superfood treats

The raw organic superfoods company BonPom based in Kingston Upon Thames, London, found themselves at the renowned ice cream parlour NANABAR, in Shoreditch, London, at the re-launch of their products last night.

Being served an endless supply of Nice Cream, deliciously healthy frozen treats made from plant based products from NANABAR, and delightful sweet tasting drinks provided by Lemonaid, BonPom put on a fantastic event.

People came in their dozens to support Alan Martin and Rob Steidle – veterans of the health food world, who founded the company in 2006. Their aim is to provide high quality organic superfoods, oils and butters for people to create their own foods and beauty products.

Alan and Rob wanted to create a more accessible and fun brand that would appeal to a general audience as well as the hard core health food crowd. “Healthy, positive living can most definitely be tasty, fun and sexy! It’s more like rocket salad than rocket science” says Alan.

Whilst most people’s idea of healthier living means abstinence, BonPom firmly believe that a little of what you fancy does you good. With a growing number of products, newsletters, videos and podcasts, BonPom is helping you to help yourself and put the fun back into your Life.

Providing products like Cacao Bean, Salts, superfoods like Goji Berries, Kelp and even equipment and recipes to help you on your way, their key messages are ‘Help Yourself’ and ‘Do it Yourself.’

Start your love affair with BonPom today.

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